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ISC Daily News Summary

ISC Daily News Summary 20 November 2018

Letters: Unconditional offers


Education professionals have written to The Times expressing their concern about the growing practice of universities offering unconditional offers to prospective students. The Times leading article also discusses this issue and there is a news story on the subject, by Rosemary Bennett.

Letter signatories include Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council; Vivienne Durham, CEO of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA); Shaun Fenton, chairman of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC); and Chris Ramsey, chairman of the joint HMC and GSA universities committee.

School inspection in Scotland and in England


Dorothy MacGinty, head of Kilgraston School in Perthshire, Scotland, details her observations on the differences between inspections in England and in Scotland.

Timetable mental wellbeing to protect children's mental health, says study

Mental Health

A study by Nuffield Health has recommended the timetabling of wellbeing lessons in schools, after the experiment found an improvement in children's energy levels and in their ability to deal with problems. By Oscar Quine, The Telegraph.

Universities warned against using capitalised words in assignments

Higher Education

Universities have been warned that the use of capitalised words in assignments can cause anxiety for students. By Camilla Turner, The Telegraph.

"Take your son into university day" mooted by education experts

General Education

In a bid to tackle the gender gap in academic underachievement among boys, education experts have suggested a “take your son into university day”. By Sally Weale, The Guardian.

Parents grapple with children's tech habits


A survey compiled by a security firm has revealed parents are anxious about their children's excessive tech habits. BBC News.

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