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ISC Daily News Summary

ISC Daily News Summary 19 February 2019

The school with its own competitive video gaming team


Ian Russell, a maths teacher at Wycliffe College, discusses his school's video gaming team, which has developed pupils' problem-solving skills, communication and ability to work as a team. Tes.

'The education secretary should be tackling much bigger issues than children’s “character and resilience”'

Education Policy

Laura McInerney responds to the education secretary's recent proposal to focus on developing children’s character and resilience, arguing that "real policies and funding would be so much better". The Guardian.

Some independent special schools "taking advantage" of local authorities, warn MPs


During a parliamentary debate, MPs said some independent special schools are "taking advantage" of local authorities and have called for there to be greater scrutiny. By Helen Ward, Tes.

'Schoolchildren should be taught how to repair clothes'

General Education

MPs have said children should be taught how to stitch and repair clothes in a bid to tackle the waste caused by fast fashion. By Ben Webster and Rosemary Bennett, The Times.

Do you use any innovative methods to teach children how to combat waste or be more environmentally friendly? If you'd like to write a 400-800 word blog on the subject, please email georgina.belcher@isc.co.uk.

MPs say children should have a legal right to 75 minutes of break time per day

Child Welfare

In a bid to improve children's health and fitness, MPs have said children should have 75 minutes of break time each day. By Rosemary Bennett, The Times.

Need-to-know: School security and lockdowns

General Education

Tes details the possible results of the Department for Education’s consultation on its draft security guidance for schools. By Caroline Henshaw.

Depressed pupils achieve worse exam results, research reveals


A study by the University of Reading has found a teenager’s ability to remember and use information is impacted by depression, which can lead to poorer exam results. By Kat Lay, The Times.

Pearson focuses on its digital strategy and sells textbook business

General Education

Pearson, which is one of Britain’s biggest education companies, has sold its school textbook company in America to focus on its digital strategy. By Martin George, Tes.

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