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ISC Daily News Summary

ISC Daily News Summary 19 January 2017

School league table results 2016

General Education

Widespread coverage following the release of the DfE school league table results.

Telegraph includes an article detailing how to read the results for GCSE and A levels as well as two separate articles reporting the top 100 secondary schools for both GCSE and A level results. There is also a function enabling you to compare your school with others.

The A level tables show independent schools make up 9 of top 10 and 81 of the top 100 places. Once again GCSE tables don't include independent school-preferred IGCSEs, meaning accurate comparison is not possible.

TES reports that nearly 300 secondary schools fall below new Progress 8 floor standard; Schools Week claims the schools minister, Nick Gibb, has praised schools for closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers; Guardian focuses on grammar schools who have lost top spots after a league table shakeup; TES reveals the results of a poll which states only 1 per cent of parents understand Progress 8; Daily Mail writes that nearly 10% of secondary schools are under-performing and Schools Week features an investigative piece asking how poorer pupils have performed in GCSEs at flagship schools.

School league table results 2016: comment and opinion

General Education

Comment and opinion following the DfE's release of the 2016 school league table results.

Peter Hamilton, Headmaster of the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and Chairman of HMC’s Academic Policy Committee, writes for Telegraph stating that the new GCSE grading structures are a mess and bound to cause trouble; Rachel Wolf, former education adviser at no 10 and founder of the New Schools Network, discusses the downsides of Progress 8.

"Developing life skills and mental toughness is perfectly possible. The tools and techniques are there."

Independent Sector

Following yesterday's launch of research into soft skills and mental toughness at independent schools, Doug Strycharczyk, Managing Director of report authors AQR International, looks at what the results may mean and how they can now be used.

You can see the full research paper and other resources HERE.

Why making languages non-compulsory at GCSE is a step backwards

General Education

Ellie Osborne, a final year Spanish and Portuguese student at King's College London, aruges we must do away with the notion that languages are an elite subject. Telegraph.

1 in 5 sixth form colleges starts academy conversion process

Academies and Free Schools

A fifth of sixth form colleges have already sent formal proposals to convert to academy status, the academies minister has revealed. By Billy Camden, Schools Week.

Bomb teams sent to schools 600 times in chemical alert

General Education

Bomb disposal teams were called out to almost 600 schools in the wake of government advice about a potentially hazardous chemical. By Lisa Wright, BBC News.

Former Ofsted chief Wilshaw to work with schools in India

General Education

England's former chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, is schools is going to become an adviser to the GEMS Education company. By Sean Coughlan, BBC News. Also reported by TES.

Headmaster transforms his pupils’ behaviour with a total ban on mobiles

And finally

A headmaster claims he has revolutionised pupils’ behaviour by introducing a complete ban on mobile phones. Quotes Gregg Davies, Head at Shiplake College in Henley-on-Thames.

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