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ISC's research team works to ensure that ISC is the hub of accurate and timely information on the independent sector in the UK.

From regular research, such as the Annual Census and Exam Results, to bespoke topical projects, such as the Economic Impact Report, ISC’s research and intelligence underpins everything we do.

Pupils in ISC schools account for around 86% of the total number of pupils in independent schools in the UK. The UK independent sector as a whole educates approximately 620,000 children in over 2,500 schools.

The independent sector educates around 5.9% of the total number of school children in the UK and around 6.5% of the total number of school children in England.

Head of Research and Data

Jonathan Parkes
Telephone: +44 (0)207 766 7045

Senior Research and Data Analyst

Shun-Kai Chan
Telephone: +44(0)207 766 7073

Research and Data Analyst

Shun-Yue Chan
Telephone: +44(0)207 766 7078

Research and Data Analyst

Danny Chan
Telephone: +44(0)207 766 7058

Annual Census

The detailed Annual Census is completed by all ISC schools and is therefore a comprehensive and dispassionate reflection of trends within the sector.

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Exam Results

Every year ISC collects information on exam performance from member schools in the week following publication of exam results.

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The Impact of Independent Schools on the UK Economy

This report from 2022, highlights the huge impact of the independent school sector on the UK economy.

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Soft Skills and Mental Toughness Research, 2017

Research looking at soft skills development and an analysis of mental toughness at UK independent schools.

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Durham University 'Academic Value Added' Research, 2016

Research looking at the differences in attainment between pupils who are educated in independent and state schools.

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17 May 2024 Annual Census

ISC Annual Census

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25 August 2023 Exam Results

Exam Results 2023

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