Initial Teacher Training in England

Guidance for undergraduates or graduates considering teaching as a career.

Teacher training systems change all the time so you need to read the official GetIntoTeaching website.

Train to teach in an Independent school

Independent education is in great demand in this country and from overseas parents. Training in the independent sector gives you immediate experience of outstanding schools.

There are three main types of independent school:

  • Nursery schools
  • Prep schools or junior schools for children up to 13
  • Senior schools

The training will differ depending on the age-range of the pupils you wish to teach. If you wanted to teach pupils under 12 you would normally train to be a Primary teacher. If you are seeking to teach older children you would train to be a Secondary teacher.

To get started look at the different routes into teaching that are available to you, find out how to get a teaching job in an independent school and where your teaching career can take you.

Here are some good reasons why you should choose to teach in the independent sector:

  • Good discipline and behaviour
  • Flexibility and freedom
  • Commitment to nurturing the whole individual
  • Small class sizes
  • Excellent pastoral care
  • Culture of high expectations
  • Range of extra-curricular activities
  • Culture of valuing and respecting teachers
  • Commitment to improving social mobility (about a third of children are on means tested bursaries)
  • Excellent and varied career opportunities
  • Excellent training and support
  • Opportunity to teach your specialist subject to a high level
  • Strong commitment to continued professional development throughout your career

If you’d like information on teaching in maintained schools, free schools and academies, please see the links below for each country: