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Videos produced by ISC.

The Importance of Choice in Education

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life. This naturally includes choosing a school that best meets their child's needs. Hear why these parents decided to educate their children in independent schools...

ISC Census 2021

ISC chairman, Barnaby Lenon and ISC head of research and data, Jonathan Parkes discuss the Census and impact of COVID19 on schools.

The Transformational Impact of Bursaries

Independent schools offer means-tested fee assistance to widen access for families from all walks of life. Hear more about how bursaries transform the lives of children and young people...

The Value of Independent and State School Partnerships

State and independent schools across the country work in partnership to provide educational opportunities for greater numbers of young people. Hear how these initiatives positively impact staff and students from both sectors...

Governance partnerships

Through engaging in cross-sector governance partnerships, school leaders are able to form productive relationships and inspire positive change at the top.

Year 13 exam results 2019

Year 13 exam results by the Independent Schools Council demonstrate schools are offering a wider array of educational opportunities and supporting pupils to fulfil their potential.

ISC Year 11 exam results 2019

Year 11 exam results reflect independent school pupils' success.

Widening participation in the arts

ISC schools are working with state schools to widen access to the arts.

Higher education support

Independent and state schools are collaborating to support pupils with university access.

Independent schools' impact on the UK economy

Independent schools save the taxpayer £3.5 billion every year.

How to get into university

ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon discusses how to get into university.

Why might you decide to go to university?

ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon discusses why you might decide to go to university.

Routes into teaching

ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon, discusses different ways in which you can embark upon a career in teaching.

ISC Census 2019

ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon, and Donna Stevens, ISC head of research discuss some of the findings in the 2019 ISC Census.

Options for young people to consider post 16

Barnaby Lenon discusses options for young people to consider post 16.

ISC - two top tips for exam revision

Barnaby Lenon discusses his two top tips for exam revision.

ISC chairman responds to the Government's international education strategy

ISC chairman responds to the Government's international education strategy.

The value of independent schools

Julie Robinson, chief executive of the ISC, highlights the educational and economic value of independent schools.