School Inspection

Nearly all ISC independent schools in England are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Department for Education

All independent schools in England are registered with the Department for Education and are regulated directly by the Secretary of State for Education. The DfE can close schools for serious or persistent breaches of standards. As education is a devolved matter, different regimes apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Website: Department for Education

All independent schools in England are registered with the DfE

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the agency responsible for the inspection of schools whose Heads are members of one of ISC’s member associations in England. ISI is a Government approved inspectorate and it has a joint working arrangement with Ofsted to share best practice. Inspection is for the benefit of pupils and seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education and welfare.

Independent Schools Inspectorate
CAP House,
9-12 Long Lane,

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7600 0100

Boarding schools are inspected more frequently than day schools

Inspection Reports

ISI reports are public and can be found on both the school and ISI’s website. The reports provide a full account of a school’s provision, including qualitative evaluations of the curriculum, teaching, pastoral care, welfare, health and safety, governance, leadership and management.

ISI does not make a single overarching judgement on a school It reports on the extent to which the school meets the relevant standards and other regulations.

The summary section of the inspection report gives a balanced evaluative overview of provision at the school.  It describes the main areas of strength and any relative weaknesses relating to all sections of the current inspection framework.


ISI inspection reports are public and provide a full account of a school’s provision