Private schools directory for the UK and Ireland

There are a wide range of private schools, or independent schools as they are also known in Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man that are members of ISC. These include day and boarding schools, prep schools, senior schools, sixth form and all through schools. Each has its own individual character.

To find a private school (independent school) in a specific area you can use our private schools directory below. Alternatively, if you wish to search by a range of criteria why not visit our 'Find a School' section. Here you can find out more about private schools, use our school search and view a list of private schools for special educational needs. The school search can be used to find schools according to their location, age range such as prep schools, senior schools or sixth form, type such as day or boarding school and religion. You can also search to find schools that offer school fee assistance, such as scholarships and bursaries as well as by a range of other search criteria.

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