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ISC Objectives

The aim of ISC is to be a service organisation promoting and protecting the independent education sector

ISC has five principal activities:

  • Provide authoritative research and intelligence about the sector
  • Provide legal and regulatory information/guidance
  • Provide online access and support informing parental decisions
  • Promote the sector through lobbying and communications
  • Provide a meeting place in central London for members

ISC promotes the independent school sector through Campaigns

Our priorities include the following activities

  • To represent the views of our member associations in the National education debate
  • To champion and channel sector consensus on public examinations and national curriculum frameworks
  • To protect and promote the sector’s interests on charitable status, public benefit and social mobility
  • To promote the sector’s view on a proportionate regulatory and inspection regime
  • To promote the sector’s view on the proper regulatory framework for all aspects of safeguarding
  • To protect and promote the sector’s interests in recruiting overseas pupils
  • To support schools offering early years education
  • To carry out annual data gathering and analysis on the sector via the Census
  • To analyse the sector’s performance in national exams and university offers and admissions
  • To carry out surveys on attitudes towards the sector and financial benchmarking
  • To provide support for our expert groups
  • To promote and coordinate the views of the sector, the associations and their members through the media
  • To ensure consistent media responses across the sector
  • To provide a high quality daily news service to all schools
  • To support the marketing and promotion of schools, including user friendly access to information about schools
  • To promote and catalogue independent-state school partnerships and provide an analysis of what works best
  • To detail training opportunities for unqualified teachers in ISC schools
  • To encourage good graduates to work in independent schools
  • To counter misconceptions about independent schools
  • To provide guidance and support for members and schools on all of the above

ISC supports independent schools offering early years education