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The Impact of Independent Schools on the British Economy

01 Apr 2014

This report from 2014, highlights the huge impact of the independent school sector on the British economy.

For the first time, an independent consultancy has analysed the economic benefits that independent schools bring to Britain.

Its conclusions for the schools represented by the Independent Schools Council are striking:

  • An annual contribution to GDP of £9.5 billion – larger than the City of Liverpool, or the BBC
  • More than 227,000 FTE jobs in Britain supported by ISC schools – one for every two ISC pupils
  • More than £3.6 billion in tax revenues flowing into the Exchequer each year
  • Annual savings for the taxpayer of £3.0 billion – equivalent to building more than 460 new free schools every year
  • Additional annual contribution of £1.0 billion to GDP arising out of the high academic performance of ISC school pupils