Safeguarding guidance and resources for schools.

Further information for schools on safeguarding can be found here (login required).

Peer on peer abuse – Everyone’s Invited and resources for schools

The testimonies on the Everyone’s Invited website have drawn attention to the issue of peer-on-peer abuse in schools.

The ISC issued a statement acknowledging how seriously schools are taking this issue, explaining they are having meaningful conversations with students, alumni and parents as they look at what further actions they can take; and released a further statement in response to the Government commissioned Ofsted review.

Schools may find the following documents helpful:

Ofsted review

Government guidance

Overview of issues

Legal Guides

Relationships and sex education (RSE)

Advice for parents

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Toolkit developed by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Resources for tackling online sexual harassment

ASCL and the School of Sexuality Education to produce the following resources:

Other information