ISC statement: 'Labour Against Private Schools'

Posted on: 08 Sept 2019
Posted by: Julie Robinson

The ISC's chief executive officer has issued a statement in response to a motion put forward by Labour activists, which has been referred to as the 'Abolish Eton' campaign.

Julie Robinson said: “This motion would involve the state unilaterally seizing private property. The impact on society of setting such a dangerous precedent would be huge and have wide-ranging implications.

“Would the general public be comfortable with an education system that offers no alternative to government-run schools? Will universities welcome state control of admissions and being told to admit by quota not ability?

“Abolishing independent schools will not improve the overall quality of our nation’s education. Such a move would further swell state school class sizes and cost the state sector, which is already under extreme financial pressure, billions more than the £3.5billion currently saved through the education of children and young people outside of state schools. Independent school parents have already paid for their children’s state education through taxation but choose not to take it up.”