Portsmouth High School GDST

Portsmouth High School, part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) group of schools, sources 100% of its energy (gas and electricity) from renewable fuels and have been doing this since 1 October 2020. Over 50% of the school’s energy comes from wind with 40.14% off-shore and 13.65% on-shore. The other 46% comes from biodegradable fuels, biogas, hydro and landfill gas.

They also ensure that all the food packaging they use is biodegradable and use the SUEZ recycling and recovery services which aims to reuse, recycle, or recover the majority of waste, contributing to a circular economy. They also protect the environment in other ways too such as with their fleet of 12 minibuses which save hundreds of thousands of Kg of CO2 emissions per year compared with everyone drove into school.

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