Oakwood School, Chichester

Sustainability is a primary focus for the Oakwood community, their goal being to work towards being carbon neutral by 2030. In the past year, they have surveyed all of their stakeholders including parents, staff, children and suppliers so as to consider carefully their priorities as a school. They are ambitious in their goals regarding contribution to improving the climate and contributing to the local and global community. Wishing to inspire their pupils to be actively involved in change and to recognise both their individual and group responsibility to our society.

Oakwood Schools is balancing their actions with changes that can be made quickly and visibly to their pupils, such as food composting and reducing paper waste to more long term actions including reaching net zero by 2030 where they can show progress along their journey.

Aspiring to reach net zero by 2030

It is the school's ambition to be net zero by 2030 (baseline year 2018/19). In 2022, they reduced their direct emissions scopes by 18% compared with the 2018/19 baseline year. (more information on scopes is available here.)

More information on Oakwood's sustainability values and goals is available here.