Highgate School

Sustainability has become an increasingly important part of life at Highgate School since the publication of the School’s Environmental Sustainability Initial Strategy Plan in February 2020.

This encompasses not only responsible management of the school buildings and the school site, but also the curricular and co-curricular offering to students. Recent successes have included the widening popularity of the Fast Fashion Free February campaign (begun at Highgate in 2019), regular campaigning to reduce car use to and from the school, and the inclusion of additional environmental content in subjects as diverse as Biology, Classics, and English.

Co-curricular activities include gardening, volunteering in local projects such as habitat management on Hampstead Heath, and an active Environment Committee.

Highgate has also recently conducted a detailed review of its environmental teaching across all areas of the school, with a view to enhancing the education on offer. More information on their sustainable projects is available here.