Head of Digital Strategy, Orwell Park School

David has been involved in technology in schools since the late 1990s and has worked in a variety of roles in a range of different establishments. Since 2000, he has been based in independent prep schools and in 2007 was appointed as one of three Subject Leaders for the IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools). In 2011 he became the overall Subject Adviser for ICT within the IAPS, to be called upon for support by over 600 schools worldwide. In his role as IAPS Subject Adviser, David has visited many schools, delivered a wide range of training courses and CPD and organised and presented at a number of different events. He also attends to a large, well-established network of Heads of ICT in prep schools, working hard at increasing collaboration in an area of schools which can often be very isolated. Alongside his IAPS and consultancy work, David was formally the ICT Systems Manager at Ballard School and is now Head of Digital Strategy at Orwell Park.