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Shrewsbury School stands on a beautiful 110-acre site overlooking the River Severn to the old part of the town. Founded in 1552, the School combines tradition with a vibrant, modern co-educational vision. Girls joined the Sixth Form in 2008 and the School has been fully co-educational since 2014.

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ISC associations: HMC, AGBIS, ISBA

Religious affiliation: Church of England

Day/boarding type: Day and Full Boarding

Gender profile: Coeducational

Size: 839

Shrewsbury School fees:

Boarding fees per term:
£14,660 to £15,194

Day fees per term:
£10,054 to £10,599

Scholarships & bursaries:

ISC reference number:

DfE reference number:
893 / 6009

Boys - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 13 to 19 (145)

Boarding: 13 to 19 (376)

Sixth Form: (234)

Girls - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 13 to 19 (76)

Boarding: 13 to 19 (242)

Sixth Form: (152)

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Additional Information

Shrewsbury’s Learning Support Department is led by the full-time Head of Learning support and her Deputy. The department also includes four other part-time specialist teachers. The work of the department is primarily geared to helping pupils whose academic progress is informed by a specific learning difference (for example - dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD). Specialist tuition is offered outside the teaching timetable and takes place in one of the specialist rooms occupied by the Learning Support Department

Scholarships and bursaries

Each year Shrewsbury School awards scholarships and bursaries to help fund the fees of talented pupils who will benefit from the educational opportunities offered by the School. The provision of education is the primary charitable object of the School and our grant-making policy aims to ensure that a Shrewsbury education is accessible to those who do not have the means to pay the full fee. Scholarships are prizes based on competitive examination, while bursaries are means tested awards for talented pupils who would not otherwise be able to attend the School. Pupils awarded a scholarship or bursary are expected to play a full and active part in the life of the School.

The School awarded scholarships and bursaries worth £4.4m during 2021-22, of which £3.1m were means tested. Scholarships and bursaries are funded from charitable donations, commercial activities, modest income from the School’s endowed funds, and from School fee income. Each year the School sets a budget for bursaries and scholarships, based on anticipated sources of funding. Only in exceptional circumstances will the School exceed this limit.

Pupils: 843
Remission: £4,353,644
Total recipients: 317
Means tested recipients: 204
Means tested £: £3,129,208

Number of means tested awards

0 – 25%: 51
26% - 49%: 72
50% - 74%: 28
75% - 99%: 7
100%: 5

A detailed grant making policy is available on the School’s website.


Shrewsbury School offers scholarships to pupils who have shown particular academic aptitude or talent, including in music, art, design and technology, drama and sports. The value of scholarships can be enhanced subject to means-testing, or in cases of need, at the discretion of the Governors. Scholarship assessments take place during the 12 months prior to entry. Please see our website for further details.

Third form (Year 9) scholarships

Academic Scholarships

  • 4 Butler Scholarships (up to 30% of fees)
  • 6 Kennedy and Moss Scholarships (up to 20% of fees)
  • 7 Alington Scholarships (£2,000 per year).

Music Scholarships
We award a number of Music Scholarships each year, worth up to 30% of the fees depending on the quality of musicianship and the range of entry in any one year. In addition, Music Scholars receive free music tuition on two instruments. Scholars are expected to play a full part in the musical life of the School during their time at Shrewsbury.

Art Scholarships
We award a few Art Scholarships each year, most of which carry a fee remission of 10%. Awards are made on the basis of a personal portfolio, a practical examination in drawing from an object or group or objects, and an interview.

Design and Technology Scholarships
A small number of Design and Technology Scholarships are awarded annually, most carry a fee remission of 10%. Awards are made on the basis of a portfolio of work, an exam designed to test a candidate's ability to design under exam conditions, and an interview.

Drama Scholarships
A small number of Drama Scholarships are awarded annually, most carry a fee remission of 10%. Awards are made based on the presentation of two short, contrasting monologues, an interview and participation in a group workshop audition.

Sports Scholarships
A number of Sports Scholarships are awarded annually, worth up to 20% of the fees. Candidates spend a day at Shrewsbury: they are evaluated in their chosen sports and a variety of other fitness, agility and decision-making tests. The winner of a Sports Scholarship must also reach a satisfactory standard in Common Entrance, the Academic Scholarship Examination, or the Shrewsbury School 13+ examination before entering the School.

All-Rounder Scholarships
A small number of Sir Michael Palin All-Rounder Scholarships are awarded each year. Candidates are assessed in four equally-weighted areas: two specialist areas selected from Sport, Music, Drama and either Art or DT; an interview with a senior member of Shrewsbury School staff; and an IQ test and short written exercise. The winner of a Sir Michael Palin Scholarship must also reach a satisfactory standard in Common Entrance, the Academic Scholarship Examination, or the Shrewsbury School 13+ examination before entering the School. 

Sixth Form (Year 12) Scholarships

We offer up to 8 Academic Scholarships and up to 6 other Specialist Scholarships (Music, Sport, Art and Drama) for Sixth Form entrants. Academic scholarships are awarded as a result of exceptional performance in the entrance examination.  The other specialist scholarships are assessed during the Sixth Form Assessment Weekend in the November prior to entry, through practical tasks and interview.

We also offer two additional sporting scholarships: the Margaret Cassidy Sports Scholarship for an outstanding sportsman (worth up to 100% of fees, subject to means-testing) and the Alex Wilson Dayboy Scholarship, which is awarded biennially to a local sportsman of exceptional talent (worth up to 100% of the day fees, subject to means-testing).


Bursary support
Bursary support is available either for new applicants to the School, or for existing pupils whose circumstances have changed.  This is subject to rigorous testing of financial need and limited by the overall bursaries budget. Individual awards depend on the level of financial need identified. If the School does not have sufficient funds to meet all its applications, funds will be directed to those pupils who are likely to benefit most from the opportunities Shrewsbury has to offer, and contribute to the life of the School. Although there is no automatic discount for services families, the School will try to look favourably on means tested applications to supplement the CEA.

Grant-making process
Parents should contact the Director of Admissions about any potential bursary requirement during the admissions process.  The Bursar will review applications to assess the level of financial need.  Where financial need is established, applications will be discussed at a termly Bursaries Committee meeting and grants will be made based on the potential of pupils and the available bursaries budget.  Bursary applications should be made well in advance of the start of the academic year.  The school budget is fixed during the preceding Summer Term.

Bursaries will not be applied retrospectively, and only in exceptional circumstances during the academic year.

Principles applied to means-testing
The ultimate obligation to finance school fees lies with the parents of pupils.  Financial support will only be considered after all other avenues for financing school fees have been exhausted.

All applicants must complete a Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form.

Factors taken into consideration when assessing a family's financial situation include:

  • Opportunities to release capital.
  • The ability to improve the earning power of the family. 
  • Commitments to the education of other siblings.
  • The ability of the extended family to provide support.
  • The financial circumstances of both natural parents.
  • The option to consider day houses where boarding is beyond the means of locally based parents. 

As financial circumstances can change during a five-year period, all awards are subject to annual review.  If there is no material change, awards offered will remain at the same level throughout a pupil's time at the School.

Scholarships & Bursaries offered

  • Academic scholarships
  • All Rounder awards
  • Art scholarships
  • Choral scholarships
  • Design scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Lump sum payment discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils

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