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Nottingham High School

Nottingham High School is a co-educational independent school for boys and girls aged 4-18 situated in the City of Nottingham.

Waverley Mount

+44 (0)115 978 6056

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ISC associations: HMC, IAPS, AGBIS, ISBA

Religious affiliation: Non-denominational

Day/boarding type: Day

Gender profile: Coeducational

Size: 1095

Nottingham High School fees:

Day fees per term:
£3,525 to £5,148

Scholarships & bursaries:

ISC reference number:

DfE reference number:
892 / 6004

Boys - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 4 to 18 (770)

Sixth form: (165)

Girls - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 4 to 18 (325)

Sixth form: (62)

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Additional Information

Our Learning Support team are available to help students with any learning issues, from dyslexia to revision tips.

The Learning Support Coordinator has responsibility for drawing up Individual Action Plans [referred to as IAPs] and for seeing that they are distributed to Tutors and subject teachers. The IAP will draw on material from educational psychologists’ reports.

This is the standard mechanism by which SEND SEN/LDD pupils, parents and staff are kept informed of the child’s needs and the provision being made. Each member of staff is expected to be aware of the pupils in their groups on the SEND SEN/LDD register, to have read the IAP for those pupils and where possible make reasonable adjustments within the classroom as suggested by the bullet points listed on the IAP. The IAPs are retained by staff whilst they teach the pupil.

The responsibility for assessing whether targets have been met lies with the Learning Support Coordinator in conjunction with the subject teachers.




School Name: Nottingham High School

Breakdown showing fee assistance for the last academic year’s intake into Year 7:

20.8% of new Year 7 pupils were awarded a bursary. Out of these the split was as follows: 33% had 100% of their fees paid for, 58% had 50-99% of their fees covered and the remainder had between 10-50%.

Bursary support with fees

Nottingham High School operates a bursary support scheme for pupils entering the school at age 11 (Year 7, Senior School). Bursaries are means-tested and can provide help up to full fees depending on parental income. Awards of Bursaries will be calculated on an annual basis and parents will be required to submit details of their finances each May or June. Parents who wish their child to be considered for assistance must be prepared to provide confidential information concerning their financial situation. These awards vary from 10% to 100% of the tuition fees. Last year, Nottingham High School offered mean-tested bursaries to around one quarter of its intake that year. Some pupils may be awarded both a scholarship and a bursary.

To apply for a means-tested bursary for new entrants you will need to complete and return our application form by the beginning of November 2020. We will then contact you to arrange an interview. Pupils will also need to attend the school for an entrance assessment. Pupils will be notified as to whether they have been allocated a bursary in writing.


Nottingham High School operates a scholarship scheme for pupils entering the school at age 11 (Year 7, Senior School). We offer Academic Scholarships which are automatically awarded to the top performing students in the Year 7 entrance exam and cannot be applied for. Such scholarships are known as the Sir Thomas White entrance scholarships. The amount of fee remissions is £1,200 per academic year. The number of scholarships offered varies year on year.

We also offer Music Scholarships that Year 7 applicants can apply for by ticking the box on their registration forms which helps to cover the cost of music tuition. If a child passes the exam and is of the standard indicated on the form (usually Grade IV and above) they would be invited in for an audition at the time of their interview. There are not currently scholarships available for any other subjects or activities other than music.

Assessment dates for 2021 intake:

Closing date for entries: Beginning of December 2020

Closing date for bursary applications: Beginning of November 2020

Year 7 entrance and scholarship assessment: January 2021


If you have any queries please contact - admissions@nottinghamhigh.co.uk

Scholarships & Bursaries offered

  • Academic scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Lump sum payment discounts

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