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The Peterborough School is a member of the Woodard group of schools, which is the largest collection of Church of England schools in England and Wales. The School was founded in 1895. It is a day school educating young people in a caring community. The campus is situated in 12 acres of beautiful grounds close to the city centre and pupils, staff and parents enjoy its safe environment. Pupils benefit from education in small, stimulating classes, which provide excellent individual attention.

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ISC associations: The Society of Heads, AGBIS, ISBA

Religious affiliation: Church of England

Day/boarding type: Day

Gender profile: Coeducational

Size: 533

The Peterborough School fees:

Day fees per term:
£3,997 to £6,448

Scholarships & bursaries:

ISC reference number:

DfE reference number:
874 / 6000

Boys - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 0.25 to 20 (253)

Sixth Form: (20)

Girls - age range & pupil numbers:

Day: 0.25 to 20 (280)

Sixth Form: (31)

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Senior School Scholarships

  • The Helen Belgion Memorial Scholarship, worth 50% of fees annually, is awarded each year on the results of the Entrance Examinations. Competition for this t is open to all boys and girls entering Year 7.

  • There is also a range of minor academic scholarships awarded to pupils entering Year 7 on the basis of their performance in the Entrance Examinations.

  • Music Scholarships, worth 10% of fees annually plus a weekly music lesson, are awarded each year and are open to all pupils entering Year 7. Pupils are usually be expected to be working towards Grade 3 standard or higher. Those who apply for the Music Scholarships audition in front of the Head of Music during the afternoon of the Entrance Examinations.

  • The Hannah Warner Scholarship is awarded to a pupil wishing to enter Year 7 who shows outstanding promise in art and design. It is worth 12.5% annually in fee remission.

  • A Sport Scholarship is available for pupils entering Year 7. The Scholarship, worth up to £1000 annually, is awarded to further the recipient’s ambition in sport and may be used for a number of different activities including coaching in one or more sports, equipment, sports summer camps etc. Those who apply for the Sport Scholarship will meet with the Director of Sport and be asked to provide evidence of their excellence in sport.

  • Woodard Scholarships are available to students who combine a strong academic performance, as indicated on entrance assessments, with clear potential in one or more of the following categories: creative arts (music, drama, dance, art), sport or leadership. Woodard Scholarships are awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion to pupils in Year 7 and those joining in other Senior School year groups. An application form is available upon request.

  • A number of Academic Scholarships are available to pupils entering the Sixth Form. Pupils will sit a maximum of two subject-specific scholarship papers on a specified day in the November or December prior to the year of entry. Scholarship papers are available in certain subjects only – further details may be obtained from the Registrar. Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are also available to pupils currently attending The Peterborough School in Year 11. Scholarships will be awarded to those pupils who demonstrate outstanding academic potential for success at A-Level and beyond.

We encourage parents of Scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees, to apply at the same time for one of the School’s means-tested bursaries as described in the Bursaries Policy, when they register their child.

Scholarships are held on conditions of academic progress, good behaviour and that the pupil remains at the School until the Upper Sixth year has been completed. 

School Bursaries

The Governors of The Peterborough School are committed to broadening access to the School by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support towards the payment of school fees. Such support is known as a Bursary and these may be awarded in the form of a remission of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants.

Requests for financial support usually fall into two categories:

  • Applicants to the Senior School*, where a place has been offered but parents/guardians are unable to fund the tuition fees. The Bursar will initiate this application process.

  • Existing pupils where a change in parents/guardians circumstances has resulted in difficulty in meeting tuition fees and may result in the child being withdrawn.

  • Bursary Awards to Preparatory pupils are only made in compassionate circumstances. Requests for Bursaries in these circumstances should be made to the Bursar.

  • Additionally, existing bursaries will be re-assessed during the academic year if parents’ circumstances change unexpectedly for the worse.

Awards are made on the basis of The Peterborough School’s Scale of Awards, which sets out award levels in relation to a family’s financial circumstances. The Scale of Awards is reviewed and revised annually by the Bursar, to reflect any changes in fee costs. Bursary awards are subject to repeat testing of parental means each year and the level granted may be varied, depending on parental circumstances.   

Our Bursary Policy can be viewed in full on our website or can be obtained from the Bursar.

*Bursaries are not, under normal circumstances, awarded to pupils in the Preparatory School.

Scholarships & Bursaries offered

  • Academic scholarships
  • All Rounder awards
  • Art scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sibling discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils

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