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  • Barnaby Lenon, ISC chairman

    "Independent schools are committed to widening access and our schools are making strenuous efforts to raise money to help with fees."


School fee assistance

Our schools are committed to widening access through bursaries and other school fee assistance.

Means-tested bursaries

ISC schools would like to widen access to children, even if their families cannot afford the fees.

ISC schools give more than twice as much means-tested assistance as opposed to non-means-tested, totalling almost £464 million per year and representing an increase of 1.9% compared with last year.

There are 46,517 pupils receiving means-tested assistance. Nearly half of all pupils on means-tested bursaries have more than half of their fees remitted. Means-tested bursaries are worth an average of £10,840 per pupil per year.

Many of our schools have launched major fundraising programs to be able to widen access to children from disadvantaged homes.

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Bursaries are valued at over £464 million per year