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ISC Census infographic 2022 - text description

19 May 2022

The ISC annual Census was carried out in January 2022. All 1,388 schools in UK membership of the constituent associations completed the survey. The Census covers 544,316 pupils and provides a detailed snapshot of the schools and of the wider social and economic trends in the UK.

544,316 Pupils

Pupil number have now exceeded the previous pre-COVID high and stand at their highest level since records began in 1974.

109,795 New Pupils

Nearly 3 in 10 pupils new to ISC schools joined from the state-funded sector.

763 Academic Selection

Over half of all ISC schools are not academically selective. A further 275 schools have academic selection only for some age ranges.

School Size 300

The majority of ISC schools have fewer than 300 pupils. The typical size is between 100 and 125 pupils.

£480 million Means-tested Assistance

Provided in means-tested fee assistance for pupils at ISC schools. Nearly half of all pupils on means-tested bursaries have more than half of their fees remitted.

93% go on to Higher Education

Pupils who leave ISC schools and go on to Higher Education. The majority, 58%, continue to a Top 25 university of which 4% choose to study at Oxbridge.

25,079 Overseas Pupils

There are 25,079 pupils in ISC schools whose parents live overseas. This represents 4.6% of all pupils and brings cultural diversity to our schools.

£6.5m Charitable Work

Around £6.5 million was raised for charities at ISC schools and 841 schools organised volunteering opportunities for staff and/or pupils.

8.9:1 Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Pupils for every teacher on average at ISC schools. There are a total number of 57,841 full-time equivalent teachers.

95,991 SEND Pupils

Pupils at ISC schools who have been identified as having special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND).

38% Ethnic Diversity

Our ethnic diversity closely mirrors that of the general population, with similar regional variation.