Labour's tax plans could force 90,000 pupils into 'already stressed' state system

Posted on: 28 Nov 2022
Posted by: Julie Robinson

Proposals by the Labour Party to add VAT to independent school fees have been criticised by education experts who warn the move will result in thousands of pupils being moved to the state sector.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday in response to the comments, Julie Robinson, chief executive of the Independent Schools Council (ISC), said : "Labour's tax on aspiration would not just have an impact on the hard-working families who choose independent schools for their children. More children in the state sector would increase competition for the best state schools, which we know unfairly impacts the chances of already disadvantaged students".

Ms Robinson was also interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC today, discussing the impact of the policy and the sacrifices many parents make to send their children to independent schools. Unfortunately, the interview is no longer available to hear online.