ISC Year 13 Exam Results 2012

Posted on: 25 Aug 2012

This year’s A-level exam results from 33,625 candidates at 473 Independent Schools Council (ISC) schools show that 18.0% of entries from ISC pupils were awarded the grade A* (19.1% in 2011). This compares to a national average of 7.9% (8.2% in 2011).

The proportion of entries from ISC pupils achieving at least an A grade was 51.4% (52.9% in 2011); nationally 26.6% of entries were awarded at least an A (27.0% in 2011).

Preliminary findings show that 6.1% of ISC candidates (2,036 pupils) were awarded three or more A* grades.

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GCE A-level

33,625 pupils, representing 93.83% of the Year 13 ISC cohort, at 473 schools, took at least one A-level; 17.99% [2011: 19.07%] of entries (19,176) were awarded the top A* grade (national average 7.9% [2011 8.2%]); 51.39% [2011: 52.88%] of entries (54,764) were graded A* or A (national average 26.6% [2011: 27.0 %]); 99.34% [2011: 99.38%] of all entries (105,864 out of 106,570) received pass (A*-E) grades (national average 98.0% [2011: 97.8%]).

In 2011, 32,032 pupils at 467 schools took a total of 102,002 A-levels.

Pupils at ISC schools take a range of different qualifications. This year ISC has published results from a total of 492 schools, revealing information relating to the following qualifications:


1,159 pupils (3.23% of the Year 13 ISC cohort), at 41 schools, took at least one Pre-U. Between them, they took a total of 1,736 Pre-Us. In 2011, 919 pupils at 36 schools took a total of 1,606 Pre-Us.

International Baccalaureate (IB) 1,851 pupils (5.17% of the Year 13 ISC cohort), at 54 schools, took IB exams. In 2011, 1,805 pupils at 54 schools took IB exams.


325 pupils (0.91% of the Year 13 ISC cohort), at 25 schools, took at least one BTEC. In 2011, 276 pupils at 31 schools took at least one BTEC.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

2,107 pupils (5.88% of the Year 13 ISC cohort), at 210 schools, took the EPQ. In 2011, 1,573 pupils at 159 schools took the EPQ.

Barnaby Lenon, Chairman, Independent Schools Council (ISC), said:

“Independent schools can be very proud once again of their pupils’ excellent exam results, with more than half of pupils achieving A* or A grades at A-level. This reflects their hard work and dedication and the exceptional level of teaching and support in independent schools. ISC schools provide young people with a bespoke education and, alongside a strong set of A-level results, they have shown a rise in the take-up of alternatives including, notably, the Extended Project Qualification. Congratulations to all pupils on this fantastic achievement.”


Notes to editors:

Year 13 exam results

ISC provides data on the achievements of year 13 pupils (upper-sixth formers) including grades by entry at GCE A-level; AS-level examinations not taken at full A-level; and Pre-U, International Baccalaureate (IB), BTEC and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Data for Applied and Non-Applied subjects are given in aggregate form at A-level and AS-Level.

There is no aggregation of grade information into UCAS points.

Full grade information (including a spreadsheet of school-by-school results) is available here. A final database of all results (taking into account re-marks and additional returns) will be issued in December.

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