ISC statement on Everyone's Invited

Posted on: 13 Mar 2021
Posted by: Julie Robinson

ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon responds to testimonials detailing harassment and abuse, which have been shared through the Everyone's Invited movement.

Barnaby Lenon said: "The accounts written by these brave young men and women are truly shocking. It takes immense courage to revisit such horrific ordeals and it is absolutely right that we all acknowledge this issue and ensure that, across society, action is being taken to deal with it.

"We know that schools, colleges and universities strive to be welcoming, safe spaces where the wellbeing of students is the top priority. Harassment and abuse of any kind cannot be tolerated. We would encourage anyone who has experienced such behaviour, or who is suffering because of it, to report it so they can be supported and steps can be taken to address the issue."