ISC statement in response to Labour's independent school tax proposals

Posted on: 26 Sept 2021
Posted by: Julie Robinson

ISC chief executive Julie Robinson responds to independent school tax proposals announced by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Commenting on the proposals, ISC chief executive Julie Robinson said: “Removing charitable status and putting VAT on school fees would penalise parents, be a tax on learning, and ultimately not raise the money claimed.

“It would make independent school education an unaffordable choice for many families, forcing the closure of smaller schools and resulting in more pupils needing state school places – swelling class sizes and piling pressure on already-stretched budgets.

“We know from research that adding VAT on school fees would cost any government at least £416m in its fifth year and will not provide the money to support spending pledges. There is a clear contradiction in a policy that aims to raise revenue from independent schools and reduce demand for them at the same time.

“We all want to see more funding for state schools and greater support for underperforming pupils, which is precisely why we encourage all schools to work together in partnership to benefit all pupils. Let’s focus on working collaboratively to carry out more of this life-changing work.”