ISC statement in response to a huge rise in unconditional university offers

Posted on: 26 Jul 2018
Posted by: Barnaby Lenon

ISC chairman, Barnaby Lenon, responds to figures released today (26 July, 2018) by admissions service Ucas, which show a significant rise in the number of unconditional university offers made to 18-year-olds from England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

According to Ucas, the number of unconditional offers made in 2013 stood at 2,985 but over the past five years it has risen by 65,930 – and now stands at 67,915.

Mr Lenon said: “Unconditional offers can encourage students to take their foot off the gas and this will likely result in them getting worse grades than they otherwise would have done. This can damage their lives because potential employers often look at A-level grades in order to sort applicants.

“Many universities are only making unconditional offers because their competitors are. They may not like unconditional offers but are being forced to use them by the competitive environment – a growing number of UK university places and a declining number of people applying.

“Unconditional offers are undermining the prestige value of going to university.”