ISC statement following Scottish Government's response to Barclay Review

Posted on: 15 Dec 2017
Posted by: Barnaby Lenon

ISC chairman, Barnaby Lenon, says the decision taken by the Scottish Government to end business rates relief for independent schools does not make financial sense, and puts efforts to fund 100% bursaries at risk.

ISC chairman, Barnaby Lenon, said: "The excellent Scottish independent schools have made supreme efforts to fund free places for pupils from lower income homes. All these places will now be at risk as independent schools are forced to make further cuts in their spending.

"In 2014, Audit Scotland estimated that expenditure per pupil in Scotland was almost £6,000. It would take less than 3% of independently-educated children in Scotland to return to the state sector to eliminate the Scottish Government’s intended £5 million increase in revenue by scrapping business rates relief. It does not make financial sense."

Read the statement from John Edward, director of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools, in response to the Scottish Government's announcement, here.