ISC responds to NASUWT comments about independent schools and the TPS

Posted on: 18 Apr 2022
Posted by: Julie Robinson

ISC chief executive Julie Robinson has responded to comments made during the NASUWT annual conference yesterday about independent schools and the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

The ISC's chief executive said: “Independent schools are committed to supporting their dedicated teaching staff, and this includes ensuring high quality pension provision.

“We issued public warnings as long ago as 2018, that the increase to employer contributions planned for the TPS would ultimately make the scheme unaffordable for many schools. However, the changes were enacted and every school has been forced to balance responsible financial management alongside ensuring that the excellent and important work of teachers is properly recognised through the best possible combination of terms and conditions options, including salary and pension provision.

“The nature of the sector means that financial decisions are for individual schools to make, all in accordance with relevant legislation and in these cases through consultation processes.

“The ISC and ISBA lobbied for the option of phased withdrawal (PW) to be introduced and, following consultation, the Government introduced PW from September 2021 – giving schools another option to being either all in or all out of TPS. The availability of PW means that some schools can mitigate unaffordable increases in employer contributions over time whilst existing teachers can remain within the scheme. It is important to stress that phased withdrawal is a long-term option and not feasible for schools that are already managing significant financial pressures.”