ISC parent survey ISC survey predicts a fifth of pupils would move to the state sector under Labour's tax plans

Posted on: 11 Apr 2023
Posted by: Julie Robinson

A major ISC survey of more than 16,000 parents at 332 different schools has found that almost 60 per cent of respondents would certainly or probably take their child out of their current independent school if Labour adds VAT to fees.

The survey suggests the figure would rise further for the South West, South Central and East of England. Julie Robinson, chief executive of the ISC, said: “These figures clearly show that a punitive tax on parents will have a very real effect on parents’ rights to choose the school that best suits their children’s needs. We are also concerned about the knock-on effect in the state sector, and the possibility of more families missing out on their first choice of school. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to Labour about better ways of reaching our shared goal of improving education for all children and young people.”