ISC head of comms warns Labour's tax policy could result in 'real catastrophe in the SEND sector'

Posted on: 28 May 2024

Sarah Cunnane, ISC's head of media and communications, appeared opposite journalist Fiona Millar on BBC Radio 4, where she reiterated concerns about the impact of the policy on SEND.

Warning of the potential threat posed by Labour's tax policy, Ms Cunnane said: "From our point of view this is a policy that makes a good headline but we think it would be a bad outcome. Tens of thousands of children are going to be impacted by Labour’s tax on parents’ fees, and their families - along with their schools - can’t properly plan based on headlines, which is all we’ve really had from Labour up until now.

 "We know that the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision in the state is already in crisis, and we're concerned that if a full impact assessment isn't done of this policy - and the acute, immediate problems it could cause - we could be talking about a real catastrophe in the SEND sector."