ISC comment on FFT Education Datalab's GCSE grading report

Posted on: 29 Jun 2022
Posted by: Julie Robinson

ISC chief executive Julie Robinson responds to a report by FFT Education Datalab looking at GCSE grading during the pandemic.

Commenting on the report, the ISC's chief executive said: "Whether under CAGs or TAGs, every school was required to take the same approach to assessment and there were external quality assurance processes to ensure the accuracy of grades.

"No one wanted the exam disruption we saw in the past two years and no one working in schools wanted to have to implement the emergency assessment systems Ofqual was forced to introduce, but they had no choice.

"Teachers and school leaders deserve credit for their hard work and professionalism and most importantly, every young person taking exams in 2020 and 2021 deserves to have confidence they have been awarded fair and accurate grades."