ISC CEO: Most independent school families 'simply would not be able to afford' Labour's tax on fees

Posted on: 08 Jan 2024

Responding to Sir Keir Starmer's claim that adding VAT to school fees would not lead to an "exodus" of pupils from the independent sector, ISC CEO Julie Robinson has warned that most parents "simply would not be able to afford the extra expense".

In an interview with LBC Radio, Sir Keir Starmer said he does not believe the party's plan to impose VAT on independent school fees would lead to an exodus of pupils. Sir Keir said: “I have looked at this question of will it lead to children leaving private schools and going to state schools and the answer to that on all the evidence that I’ve seen, is no, that it won’t.”

Responding to the Labour leader's comments, Julie Robinson said: “Most parents who choose independent schools for their child are dual-income households who sacrifice in order to make this choice. They simply would not be able to afford the extra expense caused by a legal requirement to charge VAT on fees."