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ISC Daily News Summary

ISC Daily News Summary 7 November 2019

Jeremy Corbyn calls for independent schools "to pay tax rather than get charitable status"

Independent sector

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed the Labour Party plans to include a policy to end independent schools' charitable status in their general election manifesto. Tes. The article quotes Julie Robinson, chief executive of the Independent Schools Council.

Letters: 'Improving outcomes for all children requires long-term investment for all'


Jaideep Barot, head of Bristol Grammar School, writes in The Times arguing the performance of independent school pupils at A-level should not be used to support the argument for abolition. He adds: "Improving outcomes for all children will only be achieved through concrete, long-term investment for all, and this is what we must demand of our politicians and their election manifestos." The letter can be found halfway down the page.

Study finds independent school alumni earn more than their state educated peers

Independent sector

New research suggests independent school alumni earn 10 per cent more than their state educated peers by the time they are 25. By Camilla Turner, The Telegraph.

'Education should not be used as a political football'

Education policy

The Association of School and College Leaders has published its general election manifesto, which urges politicians of all parties to address key issues within education and to 'avoid indulging in the corrosive practice of extolling one type of school over another type of school'. Education Executive.

'Will child abuse allegations call into question the future of Britain's music schools?'

Child welfare

Ivan Hewett writes in The Telegraph about the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, discussing its investigation into music schools. He argues closing music schools 'would be a tragic mistake, which would deprive future generations of students of wonderful opportunities'. However, he adds 'there should be a less deferential and more open culture in music schools, so pupils are exposed to more than one point of view, and much stricter safeguards'.

'The best foreign languages to study for graduate employment opportunities'

Teaching and learning

The Telegraph features an article detailing five of the best languages to study for future job opportunities, in line with findings from the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Report 2018. By Katie Russell.

Schools urged to 'avoid partisan activity' ahead of the general election

General education

The Department for Education has issued guidelines for schools ahead of the general election, reminding them to maintain balance in their teaching and "avoid activity that could be construed as partisan or favouring a particular political party". By Freddie Whittaker, Schools Week.

Oxbridge applications reach record high

Higher education

New figures reveal both Oxford and Cambridge have received record numbers of applications this year, amid a drive for more state educated pupils to apply. By Rosemary Bennett, The Times.

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