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ISC Daily News Summary

ISC Daily News Summary 12 April 2019

The RI encourages children to think about the issue of gender and sexuality

Teaching and learning

The Royal Institution (RI) has backed an initiative to get children thinking differently about science - encouraging them to think about issues around identity and genetics, nature versus nurture, and social, ethical and moral considerations. By Susie Mesure, iNews. The article references Blackheath High School and Francis Holland School.

The rise in non-traditional sports in schools

General education

The Telegraph reports on the rise in popularity of non-traditional sports among women, such as cycling and football, and states the trend should pressurise the Government "to modernise and prioritise physical education in the school curriculum". By Jeremy Wilson.

ISC Blog: 'Should schools be fostering entrepreneurial thinking - and aren’t they doing this anyway?'

ISC blog

Helen Pike, master at Magdalen College School, argues the ability to assess risk and reward and to make good decisions are essential to what it means to be a successful human being.

Teenage gamers lured into cybercrime, according to police

Child welfare

According to police, teenage computer gamers are being recruited by organised crime groups to become the next generation of cybercriminals. By Neil Johnston, The Times.

'Why we should discuss Brexit with our pupils'

Teaching and learning

Dr Daniela Sime, a reader/associate professor in education and social justice at the University of Strathclyde, argues teachers should discuss Brexit with their pupils to encourage a more engaged and informed future generation of voters. Tes.

'Students from diverse backgrounds will need to learn how to deal with prejudice'

General education

Harris Bokhari, a national board member of Mosaic and founder of the Naz Legacy Foundation, writes that ethnic minority students will need to learn how to overcome prejudice "when provoked by the double standards with which they are viewed just because of their background".

School pupils awarded Friday afternoon off

Teaching and learning

To "raise standards and improve outcomes for learners", a school in Pembrokeshire has decided to give pupils Friday afternoons off. By Camilla Turner, The Telegraph. The article references Hampton Court House, a school in Surrey which teaches lessons from 1.30pm until 7pm.

Ofsted calls for tougher rules on tackling illegal "schools"

Child welfare

England's education watchdog has warned that local authorities are paying thousands of pounds to send children to unregistered schools with poor conditions and a lack of safeguarding. By Sean Coughlan, BBC News.

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