The EDTECH 50 Schools Q&A with Ty Goddard

Posted on: 22 Nov 2018

We are delighted to interview Ty Goddard, Co-founder of The Education Foundation and chair of Edtech UK.

Have you launched any similar projects in the past to celebrate Edtech in the UK?
Yes, earlier this year we published the Foundation’s Edtech 50 2018 yearbook.

Launched at the House of Lords this is a unique and uplifting landscape view of this thriving sector. We and the judges wanted to celebrate those people, products and projects working across our schools, colleges and universities. This isn’t about the ‘tyranny’ of the perfect case study!

Can anyone vote and what is the criteria for nominating a school?
Yes. If you are proud of your work, your school and digital leadership; then please showcase it here by completing the simple survey to submit a nomination for the Edtech 50 Schools. Successful nominations will appear in the Edtech 50 Schools publication, to be launched in April 2019. We’re interested in the ‘how’ do you use education technology and ‘why’? We’re also interested in how you articulate and evidence impact. Nominations are now open.

Please can you tell us about the Edtech 50 and your collaboration with the ISC Digital Strategy Group?
Edtech 50 Schools, is an initiative to find the UK education institutions that are using education technology to make the biggest difference to students, staff and parents. It’s a celebration of the work of schools across the UK that are using education technology to support teaching and learning across the whole school, in a particular subject area or to support an education initiative or project. The project is supported by Intel, with partners the Independent Schools Council Digital Strategy Group, NetSupport, Jisc.

What should schools aim for if they are aspiring to join this list?
We hope that through public nomination and an independent judging panel we can capture the richness in approach of this emerging digital leadership across schools. This isn’t about the ‘tyranny’ of the perfect case study! We worked with a number of educators on the survey questions ; they’re open and allow schools to articulate their own case and learnings from digital. Teachers are embracing the positives of using education technology, whilst balancing the need to anchor approaches in a shared context of safety, security and responsibility around digital tools.

What are you hoping this initiative will achieve?
I recently wrote in the TES that, “ Our vision for Edtech 50 schools is that it will help to create a national, school-led network, and one that has the expertise to be heeded by the DfE. It needs to embrace a broad vision and be alive to the possibilities that technology can bring to every aspect of school life – for too long we have ignored the fact that educational technology can rationalise the back office as much as enliven and focus learning and properly support the teacher.”

Ty please can you tell us a little about yourself – hobbies and interests...
We live in Brighton and it’s a good place to live. I migrated from Stockport via Brixton - from Robinson’s to Lewes’ Harvey’s. From my enduring childhood team, Man Utd to being a Brighton and Hove Albion FC season ticket holder. So, I suppose a northerner in the south, since the 80’s. Love family, friends, travel, tennis and my work.

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