ISC Digital Strategy Cloud Standards

Posted on: 27 Apr 2018

ISC Digital Strategy Cloud Standards Aims – 2nd Meeting – Microsoft Training Academy, Kingdom St, Paddington


Create a blueprint for landing and deploying MS and other technologies by

  1. Producing a resource to share
  2. Creating a change model

Decide on CTA – calls to action, across the sector. Produce conduits on ISC Digital Strategy website. Bring people together, share knowledge. Build knowledge and grow confidence/ expertise.

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  • Microsoft wants to listen/ develop products/ understand how better we can be supported/ what are the challenges we face.
  • How do we use our knowledge to help others to get the best from the technology?


Mrs S Williamson – Sevenoaks
Lucy Waide – Oundle school
Peter Othen – MCS oxford
Tim Mace – Queen Anne’s School
Richard Hindley – Westminster
Andrew Storey – Dulwich
Vaughan Connolly – HabsBoys
Pratik Tailor – Radnor house
Mark Leporati – Radnor house
Rebecca Brooks – Marketing
Craig Parker – Microsoft
Sarah Hicks – Microsoft
Tina Jones – Microsoft
Ian Woolner – Microsoft
Nicola Meek – Microsoft
Jordan Lipman – Microsoft

About ISC Digital Strategy Group

The ISC Digital Strategy group is composed of experts with representatives drawn from the ISC member associations and provides independent advice to Senior Management teams on a range of ICT related issues.