Friday Feature: How schools are coming together to support their wider communities

Posted on: 08 May 2020

Schools across the country are continuing their work with local communities to fightback against coronavirus. Our Friday round-up aims to provide a little light relief, as we highlight some of the great work schools are engaged in...

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Roedean headmaster Oliver Blond said: “It goes without saying that we as a school must do everything in our power to help those fighting this virus. The school looked amazing all lit in blue and we hope NHS workers who see it know how very much we appreciate what they are doing for the country.”

As part of the Thursday night NHS clap, Roedean School was lit in NHS blue as a tribute to Britain’s keyworkers.

The school has been busy working out ways it can show its appreciation to those who lay their lives on the line in the fight against coronavirus. These include an NHS Giving scheme, which has been set up so that staff can voluntarily donate a small percentage of their monthly salary to the local NHS Trust, with the senior leadership team donating 5%.

As well as producing PPE, the school’s radios have been donated to the ICU unit and it has also lent its buses for the transportation of NHS staff. The fridges and freezers across the school are also being used to store food collected by local food bank.

Ashley Bates, a drama teacher at Hurlingham School in Putney, is live-streaming fun English and Maths lessons from his garden shed to help young pupils and their parents during the lockdown.

“Originally, I was asked by my neighbours if I could help teach their children. But then I thought that I should try and do something that would help more children than just those next door – something that would help the kids in my school and beyond.”

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Rugby School is donating a wedding day to an NHS hero. The competition is open to any current NHS employee who may have had their wedding cancelled this year due to COVIDー19, or who is engaged and hoping to get married in 2021.

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“It’s hard to put into words how grateful we are to our amazing NHS and the heroes who work within this caring environment, especially now when they are at great personal risk themselves. "With Covid-19 ruining so many people’s plans, including weddings, we decided that what we really wanted to do is to give away an extra special day for an engaged couple who may have had their big day cancelled, or who were looking forward to getting married next year."

---Rachel Watson, Rugby School’s enterprises planning and development manager

Francesca, a Year 7 pupil at St Paul's Girls' School, has illustrated an e-book of short stories entitled 'Stories for Kids in Lockdown' (see below). The proceeds generated from the book will go towards helping charities protecting those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The book can be purchased here.

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Sophia, a Year 3 pupil at Taunton School, has also been thinking of creative ways to show her support for the NHS. She is making colourful pictures for anyone who donates to her JustGiving page, where she is raising money for her local hospital.

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