Developing Digital Launch

Posted on: 10 Jul 2020

We are delighted to be editors of the ‘Developing Digital a Guide and Toolkit for Senior Leaders’. We have come a very long way using technology in education in the last few years and particularly in the last 3 months.

Download Developing Digital here.

Three Things

Three things we wanted you to get from the launch of Developing Digital:
- Celebrate you the people who are making IT work in education.
- Tell you how the Guide is being used
- Tell you what is coming next

1. What has changed? – It’s the people. You, The people working in education who better understand how you want tech to make a difference but most important you the people in companies large and small who are here listening and prepared to invest in iterating, to create real solutions that make a difference for everyone.

It is the increasingly effective relationships you are all building, to provide consistent and reliable inclusive platforms, that will enable us to build a new pedagogy to reduce costs, enhance the learning process, reduce teacher workload and help increase student responsibility.

We have just taken part in the largest ever, unplanned, Global action research project for using technology in education. We will now need to take stock of what we have learned from the last 3 months, particularly our ability to collaborate, cross phase, cross sector and internationally. Have a look at our Blog Learning from COVID-19.

2. This guide and Six Pack – being used now in schools as a reference, a guide, an almanac, a toolkit to help you as a school on your own, if you have the expertise or with a critical friend who has experience developing digital, to help you use digital so it is inclusive, supporting teaching and learning and helping prepare our young people for a future that none of us can imagine.

In this future they will need digital intelligence (DQ) – Simply knowing when to put the phone down and when to pick it up and use it collaborating to solve problems effectively as empathetic global citizens.

You know your schools and what you are trying to achieve. Using this guide, you will be able to look at how other schools like you are developing digital so you can transfer and scale digital success. Each section has examples of schools like yours developing digital, lists of resources that these schools have used and checklists to take you step by step through the process

3. Next event – Our Next event will hopefully be face to face in November – The Brighton EdTech Summit & Festival 2020

Developing Digital Resources

You can download your copy of Developing Digital here or flick through the Guide in ISSU

You may need to change your settings to allow the pdf to access the links. More help here.

Use your Guide and toolkit to help you assess where you are and where you want to be.

Here is a link to the slide show from the developing digital Launch

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