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Academic Principal, Claires Court

James Wilding is the Academic Principal of Claires Court, an Independent School of 1000+ children aged 3 to 18, based in Maidenhead. Headteacher since 1981, James owns and leads the school with his brother, Hugh, and both have celebrated the school’s 60th anniversary in 2020/21, which they commenced their education back in 1960! James is a Fellow of the Royal Society Arts, has completed 25 years of inspection with the independent Schools Inspectorate and sits as an Executive councillor of the Independent Schools Association, for whom he contributes on education, inspections, professional development, digital learning and university entrance. James’ digital life commenced in the late ‘90s, as an ambassador for thin clients, went to the Cloud early in the noughties, and passed through the Google Teacher Academy in 2012, and for whom he still evangelises in every way. Claires Court has featured in promos for their digital work with partners Samsung and HP over the years, and since 2020 pandemic, the entire school has been virtually available from Year 1 up to Sixth Form without a hiccup. James is now playing with AI...