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January 2016 press coverage

Posted on: 31 Jan 2016
Posted by: ISC Press Office

A high level of media coverage mentioning or facilitated by ISC was recorded in January, covering a range of topics including DfE performance tables, the Charities Bill and homophobia in schools.


Much news interest came around the progress of the Charities Bill through the House of Commons. Amendments had been tabled to force independent schools into prescribed partnership work, but these were finally dropped after committee stage. A number of reports focused on the potential changes to law and assessing partnership work which already takes place.

January also saw the release of DfE school performance tables. A Telegraph report claimed independent schools were falling behind state schools, yet this was only by looking at total points per pupil, whilst independent schools focus, rightly, on pupil grades, which remain excellent. ISC helped journalists find current school heads to write opinion pieces on the subject.

In a preview to his headline talk at the Telegraph's Festival of Education at Wellington College, Barnaby Lenon outlined his session entitled 'Lies, damned lies and independent schools'.

Other topics of interest included school fees, university admission, homophobia, the ISC annual census, good teachers and images of independent schools.

In total throughout January, ISC collated 29 press articles with an estimated total of 901,000 views. The average domain authority of the sites on which we featured was 67. Each website's domain authority is marked out of 100 and is calculated on its strength and how high it ranks in Google search. The Times has an authority of 94; Schools Week 37.


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