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February 2016 press coverage

Posted on: 29 Feb 2016
Posted by: ISC Press Office

Press coverage in February couldn't have seen much more of a contrast from the beginning to the end of the month, with the state of independent schools and new research put in the spotlight.


The first weekend in February saw a slew of headlines and articles attacking independent schools, most starkly on the Times' front page "Private schools in crisis".

The stories had come from a variety of sources and angles, but most chose to focus on a pronouncement from the Good Schools Guide that the very existence of independent schools was being threatened by the improvement of state schools.

Then on the last weekend of the month, less reactionary headlines and articles proved much more fair and balanced when the press reported new ISC research from Durham University. This research showed that independent school pupils can expect a higher level of academic attainment than those at state schools.

In both cases, ISC, the Associations and a great number of schools and headteachers responded with passion and reason through blogs, opinion pieces and social media, and helped to reshape and reset some of the conversation.

In other news, the Ofsted Chief Inspector criticised ISC independent schools for being part of the problem of teachers leaving the UK. ISC responded to this.

The Telegraph used a new report to say that going to independent school may hinder chances of getting into a top university. This seemed to misinterpret facts and was rebutted by the report authors on an ISC blog.

Also, ISC General Secretary, Julie Robinson, was profiled in Independent Schools Magazine.

In total throughout February, ISC collated 38 press articles which had an estimated total of 916,000 views.

The average domain authority of the sites on which we featured was 69. Each website's domain authority is marked out of 100 and is calculated on its strength and how high it ranks in Google search. The Times has an authority of 94; Schools Week just 37.


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