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26 August 2022

Exams 2022: Concerns raised over 'regional divide' in GCSE results
The Government went "too far" by closing schools during lockdown, says Liz Truss

Exams 2022: Concerns raised over 'regional divide' in GCSE results


The Telegraph reports this year's GCSE results have revealed a widening North-South educational divide between pupils, with pupils in the North East and North West achieving top grades at a significantly lower rate than their London counterparts. By Louisa Clarence-Smith and Alex Clark.

Schools North East, an education charity, has said schools are in urgent need of a recovery plan "that recognises the regional contexts schools operate in, with a long-term view of education and a curriculum that is appropriate and accessible to all students and schools". By Aine Fox, The Independent.

A leading article in The Times responds to reports of a widening regional divergence in educational outcomes, arguing: "The Government must urgently help young people left behind by the pandemic."

Jon Andrews, head of analysis at the Education Policy Institute, writes an analysis piece for The Guardian on this year's GCSE results, arguing they signal "a return to pre-pandemic normality".

Phil Beadle, a teacher, writes in The Guardian claiming that this year's results show independent schools "inflated grades" last year.

According to The Times, headteachers are saying it is still too soon to return to normal GCSEs, as Ofqual suggests that measures to help teenagers may extend beyond this year. By Nicola Woolcock.

The Independent reports on concerns that some students may feel forced to give up full-time education after their GCSEs to take up work due to the cost of living crisis. By Zoe Tidman.

Health and social care has reportedly grown in popularity more than any other GCSE subject since the start of the pandemic. By Nicola Woolcock and Ryan Watts, The Times.

Derek Skipper has become the oldest person in Britain to ever pass a GCSE exam. The 92-year-old achieved a grade 5 in maths, the highest possible grade on the foundation paper he took. By Alice Murphy, The Independent.

BBC News summarises four key takeaways from this year's GCSE results. By Hazel Shearing and Hannah Cox.

The Unite union has said that up to 22,000 exam result appeals in Scotland could be "severely delayed" by strike action, as members of the Scottish Qualifications Authority have voted in favour of walkouts over "a brutal real-terms pay cut". By Emma Seith, Tes.


The Government went "too far" by closing schools during lockdown, says Liz Truss


Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss has said the Government went "too far" with school closures during lockdown. By Aisha Rimi, The Independent.

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