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19 August 2022

Exams 2022: Concerns raised over gaps in A-level grades
University admissions: Number of pupils without a place hits highest level in a decade
High rents prompt more university students to live at home

Exams 2022: Concerns raised over gaps in A-level grades


Social mobility charities have raised concerns over the gap in achievement between the most and least disadvantaged A-level students and have called for more to be done to address disparities. By Aine Fox, The Independent. The article quotes Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council (ISC).

Ofqual chair Ian Bauckham has said that the exams regulator will need to "take stock" of the regional gap in this year's top A-level grades and that policymakers will "need to respond in a way that is appropriate". By Callum Mason, Tes.

The Times reports that 58 per cent of all exams taken in the independent sector have been graded A or A*. By Emma Yeomans and Nicola Woolcock. The article quotes Barnaby Lenon, ISC chairman.

The Telegraph reports independent schools have seen a greater fall in the proportion of top grades at A-level than the state sector this year. By Catherine Lough. The article quotes Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the ISC.

Commenting on the fall in top A-level grades in the independent sector, ISC chairman Barnaby Lenon said: "The results of independent school pupils tend to be clustered at the top end of the grade scale which has seen the greatest levels of grade deflation this year – the overall percentage of A *-A grades has fallen by 8.4%, compared with 5.9% for A *-C grades." By Karen Brewer, Independent Education Today.

The gender gap between boys and girls at A-level has narrowed following the return of full public examinations. By Catherine Lough, The Telegraph. The article quotes Donna Stevens, chief executive of the Girls' Schools Association.

Experts have said that exam boards could face a record number of appeals after top A-level grades fell by 60,000 from last year. By Nicola Woolcock, Emma Yeomans and Ademola Bello, The Times.

A leading article in The Times congratulates A-level students for all they have achieved, adding "school leavers can be confident that a world of opportunity awaits them".

An editorial piece in The Telegraph argues that efforts to reduce grade inflation and help pupils catch up on lost learning come "too late for students who have finished with the schooling system, some of whom are now contending with the separate deficiencies of the higher education sector".

Tes takes a look at key trends in the A-level results of Welsh pupils. By Emma Seith.

BBC News reports on the publication of the first ever set of T-level results. By Vanessa Clarke.

Dr Jo Saxton, the chief executive of Ofqual, has said that analysis will be undertaken following this year's results to determine if adaptations will be put in place for the 2023 cohort. By Louisa Clarence-Smith, The Telegraph.


University admissions: Number of pupils without a place hits highest level in a decade


The number of A-level pupils without a university place has reached 43,000 - the highest figure in a decade. By Louisa Clarence-Smith and Alex Clark, The Telegraph.

Experts have warned that A-level pupils are less likely to get into top universities through clearing this year, amid a surge in demand and restriction of slots. By Molly Blackall and Joe Duggan, iNews.

The Telegraph reports a fifth of places at Russell Group universities have been awarded to overseas students. By Louisa Clarence-Smith and Alex Clark.

An article in The Telegraph explores how independent schools are responding to changing university admissions, as more UK institutions widen their intake of low-income students. By Alice Smellie. The article quotes the heads of several schools in membership of the ISC's constituent associations.

The Times shines a light on what some school leavers plan to do next having received their A-level results. By Holly Nichols and Phoebe Hennell. The article mentions students from Cardiff Sixth Form College and Millfield School.

The Telegraph features an article on Zorian Tytych, a Ukrainian student at Cardiff Sixth Form College who has been given a place at Durham University after getting four As in his exams. After Russia invaded Ukraine, the 18-year-old became a translator for the British Army to help some of the 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers receiving training in the UK.

Hundreds of T-level pupils have gained a place in higher education, after the qualifications were awarded for the first time yesterday. By Nicola Woolcock, The Times.


High rents prompt more university students to live at home


According to iNews, increasing numbers of university students are choosing to live at home because rising costs have made it too expensive for them to move out. By Katie Grant.



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