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3 June 2021

Coronavirus: Catch-up tsar resigns over rescue package that 'undervalues the importance of education'
Exams 2021: Ofsted head warns against sending exam-year pupils home early
'The value of community engagement for international schools'
'It's time to flip how we teach young people about the climate crisis'

Coronavirus: Catch-up tsar resigns over rescue package that 'undervalues the importance of education'


Sir Kevan Collins, Boris Johnson's education catch-up tsar, resigned yesterday following the Government's announcement of a £1.4 billion cash injection for pupil tuition and teacher training. By Harry Yorke and Lucy Fisher, The Telegraph. Writing for The Times after his departure, Sir Kevan said the support package "does not come close to meeting the scale of the challenge". The Times has also published an analysis looking at why Sir Kevan decided to resign. By Oliver Wright.

Both The Guardian and The Times feature editorial views on Gavin Williamson's £1.4 billion catch-up funding plan. Jules White, headteacher of Tanbridge House secondary school in West Sussex, writes for The Guardian offering her view of the education secretary's rescue package.

Fostering charity Tact (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) responded to the Government’s £1.4 billion funding for catch-up learning by saying more support is needed for children in foster care to rectify the damage of the pandemic on their education. By Serina Sandhu, iNews.

According to The Times, ministers in Scotland have said they do not intend to mirror the UK Government’s catch-up plans. By Kieran Andrews. The Times has published its view on the SNP and education.

A project led by The Guardian involving young people across Europe has warned the psychological and socioeconomic scars of COVID could have a lasting impact on 'Generation Z'. By Katherine Butler and Caroline Bannock. The Guardian has also published commentaries by some of the young people affected.

The Independent reports on what is believed to be the first "laptop library" in the UK, which aims to help disadvantaged children who may not have devices at home get online. By Zoe Tidman.

Julia Knight, vice-principal at Eton House School in Bahrain, writes for Tes about the concerns held by teachers overseas as to whether they will be able to fly back to the UK this summer.


Exams 2021: Ofsted head warns against sending exam-year pupils home early


Amanda Spielman, the head of Ofsted, has suggested schools should not give pupils an extended holiday as "study leave" for exams that were cancelled and should instead continue to educate them for the remainder of the school year. By Richard Adams, The Guardian.

Sarah Ledger, an English teacher and director of learning for Year 11 at William Howard School in Cumbria, writes for Tes stating that despite the unfairness of this year's GCSE assessment system, teachers are doing their best for pupils.

Scottish school pupils have discovered they could end up with a lower grade than the one they started with if they appeal their end-of-year results. By Chris Green, iNews.


'The value of community engagement for international schools'


Tes features a 'long read' looking at how international schools can make the most of community engagement. By Dan Worth. The article quotes Colin Bell, CEO of COBIS.


'It's time to flip how we teach young people about the climate crisis'


Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon, and Lord Knight of Weymouth, a Labour peer, write in The Times saying "we must flip the climate emergency into an opportunity for our young people to drive the change to a carbon-zero UK".

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