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24 March 2020

Coronavirus: Teachers and pupils adjust to remote learning
'How our outreach efforts have brought more state school students to Oxbridge'
'The importance of practical maths in the early years'

Coronavirus: Teachers and pupils adjust to remote learning


Headteachers have said parents have heeded warnings not to send their children to school unless absolutely necessary, with early surveys suggesting schools had between 1% and 20% of pupils in attendance. BBC News.

Welsh education minister Kirsty Williams has warned children must not play outside with friends or have sleepovers as the Government steps up social distancing measures. By Eleanor Busby, The Independent.

The Independent reports school leaders are calling for more resources and supplies to protect their staff and the children in their care. By Eleanor Busby. Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary for the NEU teaching union, has called for all education staff to be tested for coronavirus and “coherent rotas” put in place for those still at work. By Catherine Lough, Tes.

An article in The Telegraph reports the Government’s description of “vulnerable” children has left many families confused and at risk. By Teresa Machan.

The Times reports on the ways in which online learning can open up educational opportunities for children. By Emma Yeomans. The Telegraph features a list of five key online resources to keep children and adults occupied at home. By Matthew Field.

Some parents are reportedly struggling to adjust to homeschooling, as many education websites crashed yesterday due to high volumes of online traffic. By Helena Horton, The Telegraph. A separate article in The Telegraph explores how the switch to remote learning could highlight the “digital divide” between disadvantaged pupils and their wealthier peers. By James Cook.

The Times reports independent schools will not know if parents will withhold their school fees for another month. By Rosemary Bennett. The article references a quote from Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the ISC.

iNews provides a guide to watching The Body Coach’s live PE lessons on YouTube. By Finlay Greig.

Professor Tanya Byron writes in The Times offering advice on how to minimise the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our mental health.

The Times reports the Office for Students has banned all universities from making any unconditional offers over the next two weeks now that this year’s A-level exams have been cancelled. By Rosemary Bennett.


'How our outreach efforts have brought more state school students to Oxbridge'


The Guardian features a spotlight piece on Mansfield College, a college at the University of Oxford where 96 per cent of its cohort are state-educated students. By Fiona Millar.

The Guardian

'The importance of practical maths in the early years'


An article in IE Today highlights some ways schools can provide children with opportunities to apply maths in real life contexts. By Nova Robinson.

IE Today


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