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22 June 2020

Coronavirus: When will schools fully reopen and what does 'safe' really mean?
GCSEs and A-levels 2020: Concern over downgrading of teacher predictions
Independent schools looking to decolonise their syllabuses
Campaign aims to increase uptake of arts, humanities and social sciences
Former No 10 policy advisor details radical manifesto for education

Coronavirus: When will schools fully reopen and what does 'safe' really mean?


Tes takes a closer look at what 'safe' really means in relation to schools reopening. By John Morgan. The Telegraph also examines the reopening of schools and whether most families are sending children back. By Katie Russell. Baz Ramaiah, research and programmes lead at Teacher Tapp, writes for Schools Week about what the reopening of schools looks like across the education system.

Uppingham School has outlined its blueprint for full reopening after the summer holidays, including using its own test and trace system. By Camilla Turner and Christopher Hope, The Telegraph. The article quotes Dr Richard Maloney, the school’s headmaster.

A plan to ensure all children are back in school in September, which includes a demand teachers curtail their summer holiday, has been backed by five former education secretaries. By Sian Griffiths and Caroline Wheeler, The Sunday Times. The education secretary has said teachers should be creating catch up plans for every pupil before the summer break and that they may have to work over the summer holidays. By Amy Gibbons, Tes.

The use of disinfectant lights to sanitise books and toys is being considered by schools as part of efforts to enable them to fully reopen in September. By Lizzie Roberts, The Telegraph.

Mark Mortimer, headmaster of Bryanston School, writes to The Times praising the determination of heads to keep schools open and criticising some teaching unions for taking an "obstructive and damaging approach".

The Guardian reports on the home learning gap between some state and independent schools. By Helen Pidd. The article quotes Dr Martin Boulton, the high master of Manchester Grammar School. According to The Times, private schools across Scotland are planning to introduce full-time teaching timetables in August, unlike their state counterparts. By Arthi Nachiappan.

Experts have warned that urgent support for many schoolchildren will be needed from psychologists when the lockdown eases because of the disruption to their lives and education caused by school closures. By Toby Helm, Robin McKie and Sonia Sodha, The Observer. Research has found the pandemic has affected the mental health of black, Asian and ethnic minority children more than their white peers. By Denis Campbell, The Guardian.

Andrew Lewer, the Conservative MP for Northampton South and chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Independent Education, has warned the school uniform is “under threat” from coronavirus. By Camilla Tominey, The Telegraph.

Schools travel company PGL has agreed to give schools vouchers for cancelled trips following criticism of its cancellation fee charges. By David Byers, The Times.

A Telegraph survey has found that 12 out of 24 Russell Group universities have delayed the start of next academic year due to coronavirus - prompting complaints from British students that institutions are prioritising international students over their careers. By Dominic Penna and Eirian Jane Prosser.

Concern has been raised that Covid-19 threatens to exacerbate racial disparities at Oxbridge for years to come. By Jamie Doward, The Guardian.

The 10 projects due to share a £9 million funding pot to run holiday food and activities programmes this summer have been named by the Government. By Freddie Whittaker, Schools Week.


GCSEs and A-levels 2020: Concern over downgrading of teacher predictions


iNews reports that students and schools are raising concerns about this year's moderation process downgrading predictions made by teachers - unfairly disadvantaging some candidates. By Will Hazell.

The Guardian reports on the possibility of legal action being taken against the exams regulator over the A-level grades system. By Liz Lightfoot.


Independent schools looking to decolonise their syllabuses


The Telegraph has revealed several independent schools are undertaking reviews of their curriculums following Black Lives Matter protests. By Mason Boycott-Owen.

Neil Roskilly, chief executive of the Independent Schools Association, writes to The Times outlining the need to ensure there is more ethnic diversity in senior management and on governing bodies. The letter can be read halfway down the page.


Campaign aims to increase uptake of arts, humanities and social sciences


A new campaign, led by the London School of Economics and supported by Arts Council England, is being launched to encourage more young people to choose arts, humanities and social sciences. By Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer.

The Observer

Former No 10 policy advisor details radical manifesto for education


Rohan Silva, a senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and former policy adviser to No 10, writes in The Sunday Times of the need for a "radical" shake-up of schools to take place now.

The Sunday Times


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