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27 July 2020

Coronavirus: Most exam results 'will be decided by statistical modelling'
Hope for teachers fighting for fairer pension rules
The Sunday Times' guide to Europe's international schools

Coronavirus: Most exam results 'will be decided by statistical modelling'


The Telegraph reports most A-level and GCSE results this year will be determined by computer modelling rather than teachers' predicted grades. By Camilla Turner.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has dismissed claims that the grades of pupils in Scotland will be negatively impacted by the performance of pupils in previous years. By Mark McLaughlin, The Times.

According to iNews, Cambridge University will not double check centre-assessed grades with schools in cases where students miss their offers. By Will Hazell. The Sunday Times reports Oxford University will consider accepting applicants from under-performing schools even if they do not meet the grade requirements. By Sian Griffiths.

The Department for Education has 'strongly advised' grammar schools to delay 11-plus exams until late October or November. By John Dickens, Schools Week.

Teaching unions have called on the Government to make face masks mandatory for children in all secondary schools. By Amy Jones and Sam Meadows, The Telegraph.

The Observer reports demand for places at independent schools has risen by up to 30 per cent during lockdown. By Donna Ferguson. The article quotes Andrew McCleave, headteacher of Ballard School, and spokespeople from the Independent Schools Association and the Independent Association of Prep Schools.

Parents and alumni of St Mary's School in Dorset have raised over £370,000 in an effort to save the school from permanent closure. By Rosemary Bennett, The Times.

According to a survey from the Office for National Statistics, 89 per cent of parents report it is "very likely" or "fairly likely" that their children will return to school next term. By Gabriella Swerling, The Telegraph.

The Times reports schools in Scotland are expected to reopen on 11 August as planned. By Kieran Andrews and Mark McLaughlin.

According to a survey of around 6,000 school staff in England, 70 per cent of respondents believe the Government is not doing enough to help disadvantaged pupils during the pandemic. By Dave Speck, Tes.

An article in The Telegraph explores how lockdown has led to an increase in demand for private tutors. By Luke Mintz.


Hope for teachers fighting for fairer pension rules


The Sunday Times reports the Government has acknowledged discrepancies within the Teachers' Pension Scheme affecting low earners and retired female teachers. By Kate Palmer.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times' guide to Europe's international schools


An article in The Sunday Times offers advice to British families looking for international schools in Europe. By Liz Rowlinson.

The Sunday Times


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