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27 April 2020

Coronavirus: "Inconceivable" for schools to reopen as normal after lockdown
Oxford University accused of favouring overseas students over independent school pupils
Council forced to withdraw transgender advice following parental pressure
Calls for Mayflower anniversary lessons to be withdrawn

Coronavirus: "Inconceivable" for schools to reopen as normal after lockdown


Foreign secretary Dominic Raab has hinted schools could be placed under special social distancing guidelines once they reopen. By Tony Diver, The Telegraph. The article quotes Lorna Wakerell, headmistress of Moreton Hall Prep School.

The Mail on Sunday reports teachers' unions are being warned against placing 'obstacles' in the way of children getting back to school. By Brendan Carlin.

John Swinney, the Scottish education secretary and deputy first minister, has suggested pupils might be brought back into schools earlier in August to enable them to catch up on their education. By Helen Puttick, The Times.

In an interview with Sky News yesterday, Rick Clarke, head of Frensham Heights, described the work his school and its local community is doing to produce and deliver personal protective equipment to frontline NHS workers.

A number of schools in Edinburgh, including The Edinburgh Academy and Fettes College, are working with a social enterprise to deliver hot meals to vulnerable members of society. By Emma Seith, Tes. The article quotes Guy Cartwright, The Edinburgh Academy's bursar.

The Times reports some parents and children have been struggling with home learning since several councils in Scotland banned state education via live video interaction. By Helen Puttick. The article quotes Steven Dignall, director of external relations at The Glasgow Academy, Alastair Armstrong, director of learning and teaching at Fettes College, and mentions Gordonstoun. A parent of children educated at Gordonstoun has praised the school for their online learning provision, saying "I genuinely feel as though they are at school. We feel very fortunate." By Helen Puttick, The Times. An article in The Telegraph explores the experiences of parents struggling to home-school their children during the pandemic. By Judith Woods. The Telegraph has also compiled a list of tips and resources for remote learning. By Kate Bussmann.

The Sunday Times reports up to 200,000 university graduates from the class of 2020 could be brought in to help children catch up with their classwork. By Sian Griffiths.

The Guardian reports on concerns that this year's 11-plus exams could unfairly disadvantage children from low-income backgrounds who lack access to digital devices and online learning. By Melissa Benn.

Anne Longfield, the children's commissioner, has warned two million children in England face a range of vulnerabilities likely to worsen during the lockdown. BBC News.

Professor Brian Cox has suggested the coronavirus crisis could inspire a new generation of young people to become scientists. By Will Hazell, iNews.

ITV News reports the Archbishop of Canterbury is set to deliver the first assembly at Oak National Academy, a virtual school created to help students with their learning during the pandemic.

Cathy Creswell, a professor of developmental clinical psychology, offers advice to parents on how they can keep their children motivated and happy while learning from home. By Sian Griffiths, The Sunday Times.

Tes offers some tips for job hunters on how they can secure their next teaching role amid school closures. By Grainne Hallahan.


Oxford University accused of favouring overseas students over independent school pupils


The Telegraph reports on claims that the University of Oxford is 'replacing' independent school students with wealthy overseas students. By Joshi Herrmann and Camilla Turner. The article quotes Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the ISC.

The Telegraph

Council forced to withdraw transgender advice following parental pressure


Warwickshire county council has suspended its "Trans toolkit" for schools, which stated transgender girls should be able to use girls' lavatories, changing rooms and dormitories, after parents complained it "discounted" the rights of their daughters. By Ewan Somerville and Rosemary Bennett, The Times.

The Times

Calls for Mayflower anniversary lessons to be withdrawn


The National Education Union is calling for lesson material on the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's voyage to the New World to be "withdrawn and reviewed" amid concerns it could undermine efforts to educate children about colonialism. By Sian Griffiths and Julie Henry, The Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times


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