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27 Aug 2016

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2016 independent school exam results - ISC research


Today sees the release of A level exam results information collected by ISC.

In total, 495 ISC schools submitted details in the past week and these have been collated, checked and analysed.

Headline figures show:

Almost half of all independent school A level entries received either an A* or an A in 2016. At 48.7%, the A*/A percentage is nearly double the national average of 25.8%.

The proportion of students gaining three A* grades (or equivalent) is one in 15 (6.8%)

Over three-quarters of all exams are graded B or higher (75.2%)

An increase in candidates taking IB (+5%) EPQ (+12%), Pre-U (+19%) and BTEC (+14%)

Full details including all data and a summary infographic can be found on the ISC website.


Independent school results table


The Telegraph has taken ISC's data and produced tables ranked on A*/A equivalent. The two tables are for schools with more than 25 candidates and those with fewer.

The Telegraph

Press coverage


Press coverage focuses on different areas of the results. All highlight the top A* and A results are down slightly on previous years.

The BBC says this dip reflects national trends and quotes ISC Chairman Barnaby Lenon saying the figures are 'solid'.

TES looks more at the growth in A level alternative qualifications being offered by our schools.

AOL uses a report syndicated by the Press Association.

Daily Mail speculates on the closing gap between private and state schools.

Telegraph links the independent school grades to the growth in number of Academies.

Daily Mail
The Telegraph

Print editions


The print editions carry full tables and extra commentary.

The Times (pp48/9) splits its tables into girls, boys and co-ed as well as a smaller table split by qualification type.

Its main headline says 'Private school results slip but they still dominate top grades'.

A further headline says: 'Girls are grounded in A level success', quoting Bernice McCabe of North London Collegiate School, as well as mentions for a number of other schools.

The main photograph is of a Syrian refugee from Manchester Grammar School who secured 3 A* grades.

The Daily Mail and Telegraph carry versions of their online stories. The Telegraph also publishes a table (p29).

ISC on Twitter


You can follow us on Twitter - @ISC_schools

Thanks to all schools


ISC would like to thank all schools that have submitted their A level results to us this year. We are very grateful for the time and effort taken.


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