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  • Julie Robinson, ISC General Secretary

    "ISC schools are very diverse, with an extraordinary mix of pupils. There are single sex, co-ed, boarding and day, as well as small schools best known by their local communities."


There are over 1,300 ISC schools with around 500,000 pupils bringing great diversity to the independent schools sector.

Diversity of school type

There are over 1,300 independent schools in ISC membership, with more than half a million pupils, offering a great choice of type of school all over the country.

Not all ISC schools are the larger well known public schools, with many schools best known only in their local communities.

Nearly half of ISC schools are junior schools where all pupils are in Year 8 and below and some schools are small: 56% of ISC schools have fewer than 350 pupils.

87% of ISC pupils are day pupils, but there are 474 schools that offer the opportunity to board.

33% of pupils are from a minority ethnic background, more than in the state sector, where the figure is 31%.

33% of pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds

Music and dance specialist schools

There are specialist schools offering the very best in music, drama and dance for children who are very talented, for example:

The Royal Ballet School

Yehudi Menuhin School

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts

Sylvia Young Theatre School

Specialist schools offer music, drama and dance

Special Educational Needs

There are also specialist schools which offer the very best provision for children with special needs.

These schools are often a resource relied upon by local authorities as specialist centres to which they can send children with special educational needs.

72,000 pupils at our schools have special educational needs.

48,381 pupils are identified with specific learning difficulties and 3,197 pupils have Statements of SEND.

79,000 pupils have special educational needs