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Tier 4

Over half of ISC schools are included on the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) register of sponsors.

Inclusion on this register, allows schools to recruit pupils from non-EEA countries.

ISC sits on UKVI’s Educational Forum and lobbies for proportionate treatment of this most highly compliant part of the education/immigration sector.

12 Oct 2017

Tier 4 - update October 2017

MAC call for evidence on international students

19 Sep 2017

Tier 4 - update September 2017

MAC review into EEA-workers in the UK labour market and MAC review into international students

6 Jul 2017

Tier 4 - update July 2017

UKVI published revised guidance for sponsors and pupils.

4 May 2017

Tier 4 - update May 2017

Exporting Education UK (ExEdUK)

4 Apr 2017

Tier 4 - update April 2017

Reminder about single issue CAS

12 Jan 2017

Tier 4 - update January 2017

There will be a consultation run by the Home Office concerning the migration of non EEA students.

2 Dec 2016

Tier 4 - update December 2016

Tier 4 sponsor duty to verify identity of every pupil, The GREAT Britain campaign

4 Nov 2016

Tier 4 - update November 2016

Tier 4 sponsor obligations, UKVI and Home Office

6 Oct 2016

Tier 4 - update October 2016

Tier 4 sponsor obligations, Police Registration of Tier 4 applicants (over 16 years old)

17 Aug 2016

Alternative collection locations for Biometric Residence Permits (BRP’s)

The Home Office has issued revised guidance for collection of BRP’s for overseas pupils.

17 Aug 2016

Tier 4 sponsors

Please may we stress the real importance of complying with all the duties associated with being a Tier 4 sponsor.

17 Aug 2016

Updated Tier 4 guidance

UKVI has recently slightly updated the guidance on Tier 4.

11 May 2016

Brexit implications

Implications that a Brexit vote will have on existing students

10 May 2016

Tier 4 General – English language

Approved English language tests

10 May 2016

UKVI Visa Communications Toolkit

Toolkit with materials

8 Apr 2016

Updated sponsor and migrant guidance

UKVI has published revised guidance.

8 Apr 2016

Tier 4 immigration changes

The Home Office has published a list of the most recent changes to the Tier 4 category.

8 Apr 2016

New Home Office guide to Tier 4 student applications

The Home Office has published a new guide.

8 Apr 2016

Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)

ISC has been informed that the Home Office recently issued a school with a civil penalty.

4 Apr 2016

Tier 4 immigration changes

The most recent changes to the Tier 4 category.

14 Jan 2016

ISI’s educational oversight

ISC sent out an alert before Christmas on the possible impact ISI inspections could have on a school’s Tier 4 sponsor licence.

18 Dec 2015

Possible impact of ISI inspections on Tier 4 sponsor licence

ISC has been notified of rumours that UKVI is suspending the licence of schools that fail an ISI inspection on any grounds and will only reinstate the licence at the next full inspection.

2 Sep 2015

Recent changes to Tier 4

Schools that are sponsors should read the guidance and table of changes carefully.

2 Sep 2015

Police registration

A letter sent by the Home Office to all Tier 4 Sponsors

2 Sep 2015

Health Surcharge

Pay for UK healthcare as part of your immigration application

2 Sep 2015

Licence applications and CAS allocation requests

ISC has been contacted by several schools that have experienced lengthy delays in having their applications processed.

4 Jun 2015

Biometric residence permits and CAS allocation

ISC has been contacted by pre-sessional course providers to find out what the process will be for pupils who are sponsored by an ISC school but attend a pre-sessional course first.

29 May 2015

Biometric Residence Permits

Home Office guidance and forms now ready

6 May 2015

Sites and Partnerships

Schools using pre-sessional course providers that do not have their own sponsor licences will be required to send details of such providers to the Home Office. Also see updates on Changes to terminology for sponsors and Short-term student visas.

17 Apr 2015

Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) for sponsored pupils

ISC schools will be able to receive BRPs on behalf of their pupils

27 Mar 2015

Department for Education and Home Office guidance

Revised statutory guidance and sponsor guidance published.

24 Mar 2015

Updated Tier 4 sponsor guidance

UKVI has changed the Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance. Also see updates on UK immigration, NHS surcharge, biometric residents permits and SELT providers.

3 Mar 2015

Biometric Residence Permits ('BRP')

The Home Office has announced the introduction of Biometric Residence Permits ('BRP') for all non-EEA nationals applying for permission to enter the United Kingdom for more than six months. Also see updates on HTS, Partnerships and Visa Applications.

30 Jan 2015

NHS health surcharge

Tier 4 students could be required to pay the new NHS surcharge from as early as April 2015.

1 Dec 2014

Tier 4 and Highly Trusted Status

ISC met with James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Immigration, to discuss the sector's concerns over Tier 4 and Highly Trusted Status.

31 Oct 2014

NHS health surcharges

Further details of the NHS surcharge have been announced.

30 Oct 2014

Important reminder for schools with Tier 4 licence

Any Tier 4 school whose Highly Trusted Status is due for renewal in November 2014 should consider very carefully whether to apply for renewal in October instead.

29 Aug 2014

Highly Trusted Status and Right to Study guide

Over the summer, the Home Office announced changes to rules applicable to HTS applications or renewals. Also see updates on the Right to Study guide.

29 Apr 2014

Tier 4 sponsor guidance reissued

UKVI has reissued guidance for education providers that are sponsoring students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System.

31 Mar 2014

Tuberculosis Testing for Tier 4 Students

The Home Office has increased the number of countries from which tuberculosis (TB) testing is a requirement for UK visa applications. Also see updates on Sanctions on Russians/Ukrainians.

31 Jan 2014

Checks on new and existing pupils

ISC are close to agreeing a joint position with the Home Office regarding the changes on checks on new and existing pupils. Also see updates on Cambridge IGCSE English Language qualifications.

29 Jun 2017

Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Policy Guidance

Home Office guidance to be used for all Tier 4 applications made on or after 29 June 2017

16 Apr 2017

Tier 4 of the Points Based System: Guidance for Sponsors

Home Office guidance to be used from 6 April 2017