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2 Jun 2016

KCSIE - new from 5 September 2016

An updated version of KCSiE has been published following DfE’s recent consultation.

This is available here. The DfE has attended to the many suggestions put forward and has clearly taken these into account. DfE has also listened to calls for changes to come into effect from September and schools can rest assured that this guidance will commence from 5 September 2016. The ISBA is amending all relevant school policies in light of required changes and these will be ready over the next few weeks. ISI will update its handbook in due course.

DfE's summary of the changes is as follows:

"The changes aim to strengthen the guidance so that all staff are clear as to their responsibilities in safeguarding children and know how to respond if they have concerns about the welfare of a child.

Main changes include:

  • reinforcing the importance of Part one of the guidance as a starting point for all staff in schools and colleges to read and have mechanisms in place to support understanding;
  • reducing the size of Part one so the more detailed additional safeguarding information can be targeted at those staff who work directly with children;
  • increasing the focus on the importance of a child-centred and coordinated response to safeguarding;
  • emphasising further the role that individual staff play in safeguarding and the fact that it is everyone’s responsibility;
  • highlighting the importance of early help and how it sits in the wider safeguarding system;
  • clarifying the difference between a concern and a child in immediate danger and the required action in each case;
  • inserting a new requirement into the guidance to ensure staff are regularly updated on safeguarding and child protection, as required, but at least annually;
  • clarifying confidentiality and moving it from Part two to Part one so that all staff will see it;
  • updating information on whistleblowing, in particular signposting to the new NSPCC helpline;
  • clarifying the role of the designated safeguarding lead and cover for the role; and
  • inserting a new section to cover online safety, including the requirement in guidance for schools and colleges to have appropriate monitoring and filtering systems in place and an annex to support schools and colleges."

Separately, a document entitled 'Regulated activity in relation to children: scope' has been added to the KCSiE page on the gov.uk website.

7 Mar 2017 Safeguarding

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

The Inquiry continues and all schools need to ensure that you are prepared by conducting an internal review of all documentation to ensure that there is access to any information which may be relevant for the inquiry

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Safeguarding - update February 2017

Pastoral care in further education, independent inquiry into child sexual abuse and Prevent in schools.

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Safeguarding - update January 2017

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Safeguarding - update December 2016

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Safeguarding - update October 2016

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1 Aug 2014

Identification Checking Guidelines

Information from the Disclosure and Barring Service on the changes to the list of documents the applicant must provide.